Water Heaters

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Water heaters function by pumping water into the heater tank. However, dirt, sediment and minerals from the water settle on the bottom of the tank and, if not cleaned, can build up and impair the heaters efficiency, cause rust, and shorten the heater’s life. Servicing your water heater will prevent rust from eating away at the heater until replacement is needed, as well as ensuring a safe and energy efficient means of heating water.

Some problems that commonly occur with water  heaters are:

  • Water quantity – not enough water or not enough hot water
  • Water temperature – Water that is not hot enough, or too hot
  • Rusty or dirty looking water
  • Leaky water heater
  • Noisy or smelly water heater


To ensure the longest and most energy efficient life span for your water heater, maintenance and regular service is critical. Although replacement is eventually necessary, keeping it clean, maintained and running smoothly will ensure you get the most out of your water heater.

Greenstar Home Services offers our Green Club, a way to help you stay on top of the important routine maintenance for your home’s biggest and most important systems – including water heaters. With our Green Club, Greenstar will schedule your recurring water heater check-ups so you don’t have to. All routine visits also include the latest in green and eco-friendly technology available for your home.


Water heater replacement is a viable option when the amount of water being used is increased, or the water heater has damaging leaks, insufficient energy or makes clanging and popping noises on a regular basis. (Hint, that’s a warning sign!) If your water heater needs replacement, we assist in the removal and help you find the best water heater for your household needs.

Since unlicensed tampering with water heaters can lead to possible explosions and other damage, call Greenstar Home Services to safely replace your water heater. We are knowledgeable on all makes and models of water heaters, from tankless water heaters, to gas and electric. We pride ourselves on quality work at a fair price, with your satisfaction guaranteed. (Terms and conditions available upon request.)


Greenstar has many different options available for tankless water heater systems. Tankless water heaters are friendly to the environment by reducing the influx of tank-type water heaters in our landfills and by being up to 40 percent more efficient with the home’s gas and electricity.

Tankless water heaters also offer space-saving solutions, such as increased storage and providing a constant flow of hot water to the plumbing system.

Most tankless water heaters are Energy Star approved by meeting the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy as they use less energy and help prevent unnecessary greenhouse gas.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters:

  • Landfills – Tankless water heaters help stop the influx of tank type water heaters in landfills
  • Save up to 40% more efficient for the home’s gas and electricy
  • They save space that can be used for storage
  • They provide a constant flow of hot water to the plumbing system

Almost all newly manufactured water heaters must now meet higher energy standards. This applies more or less across the board: gas-fired, oil-fired, electric, tabletop, instantaneous gas-fired, and instantaneous electric. Water heaters over 55 gallons will face the strictest standards, so much so that typical gas and electric models will no longer cut it. These models will be replaced by electric heat pump and high efficiency condensing gas water heaters.

Not only will Greenstar professionals install it for you, but we’re happy to offer our expert advice on which water heaters will best suit your needs. And since we’re all about preventative maintenance at Greenstar, we recommend you act before your aging water heater takes a dive and causes you some real headaches.