Water Filtration

Greenstar Home Services helps our Southern California customers stay healthy and protect their home plumbing with whole home water filtration systems! Our leading approach offers the skills and expertise to inspect, install, maintain, replace and test all types of home water filtration systems.

Installing a whole home water filtration system with Greenstar is an efficient and cost-effective solution for the home that also promotes healthy living.

An Earth-Friendly Approach

At Greenstar, we believe in a very earth-friendly approach when choosing the equipment we install. There are many aspects of your home’s plumbing systems that can be made more eco-friendly with repairs and modern “green” alternative equipment such as tankless water heaters. Greenstar can show you how to get all the clean water you need without using more than you have to.

Benefits of
Water Filtration

  • Removes contaminates
  • Filter out dirt/sediment
  • Eliminates tastes and odors of chemicals
  • Delivers fresh and delicious water
  • Less expensive than bottled water and filtered water delivery
  • Protects appliances, fixtures and pipes
  • Minimizes plumbing corrosion

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Greenstar’s Green Club

If you’re interested in our preventative maintenance services, you’ll definitely want to ask about Greenstar Home Services’ Green Club program. It is our scheduled preventative maintenance package that handles all your plumbing, HVAC and water filtration needs. We’ll schedule regular maintenance visits throughout the year where we perform inspections, look for any potential leaks and flush your pipes. As a Green Club member, you will also receive discounts on all other Greenstar repairs and services.

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Annual system inspections
  • Prevention of major leaks and expensive emergency repairs
  • Maintained ideal water flow throughout your home
  • Discounted repairs and services