Using its charitable efforts to save dogs, one-by-one, Pet Match Rescue, Inc. is making a measurable difference for rescue animals in California. Greenstar Home Services is the proud, primary supporter of the nonprofit, which rescues hundreds of at-risk puppies and dogs every year.

Scout Before

Scout is a 1-year-old Chihuahua pup that was brought in to the ER. He had been hit by a car and had a shattered back leg. Scout was peeing blood and in severe pain. He was stabilized at the ER and once it was certain he would live, our rescue took Scout in.

Scout had extensive surgery to repair his back leg. A plate and multiple pins held the bones together. Scout’s recovery took nearly 3 months. He had his cast removed recently and started physical therapy.

We are pleased to say that Scout is now using all four legs and has been adopted!

Scout After

And Adopted