Spring is in the air; as are pollen, dirt, and other allergens. Greenstar Home Services, Orange County California’s leader in sustainable plumbing, HVAC maintenance, and whole home water filtration services, launches the kick off to their pre-season HVAC maintenance initiatives.

“We work hard to keep our clients educated on the importance of seasonal HVAC maintenance,” comments, Jeremy Prevost, Greenstar CEO.

Prevost continues, “We are launching our Spring 2016 campaigns for pre-season HVAC tune-ups, before the summer heat hits Orange County.”

Colin Martodam, Greenstar COO shares “our Orange County residents need to be aware that a pre-season tune up can help prevent a costly breakdown. An inspection can ensure the unit is operating efficiently. An efficient system will have a longer life cycle, and be best for the environment.”

Pre-Season HVAC Maintenance Tips from Greenstar Home Services:

  •     Change the filter: the air filter has been heavily used all Winter; change it at the start of the season.
  •     Schedule a tune up: seasonal system checkups are vital to ensure the unit is operating at capacity. Consider having the equipment and ducts cleaned to remove build-up of dirt and debris.
  •     Test the thermostat: turn on the A/C before the temperature rises to check that the system is working.
  •     Use your senses: listen for odd noises and be aware of unusual smells coming from your HVAC unit. These can be indicators of a system issue.
  •     Inspect air vents: check air vents for blockages to certify maximum air circulation. Obstructions can make the HVAC unit work harder and drive up energy bills.