Greenstar is proud to support many local charities and organizations dedicated to bettering the communities they serve throughout Orange County. This is what their Greenstar Cares program is all about. This holiday season, they are making a special company-wide contribution to Families Helping Families by sponsoring one special family in need.

Families Helping Families is a program associated with the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center. This program aims to help families in need by matching them with caring members of the community. Sponsors donate Christmas gifts, money and other supplies to their sponsor family. The goal is to help bring stability to these homes, break the cycle of abuse and bring hope and happiness to children throughout the community.

This holiday, Greenstar is adopting a wonderful family with two beautiful children. Due to some complications in the mother’s last pregnancy, she was out of work for a long time and developed a disorder while pregnant which left her youngest daughter, paralyzed from the waist down. Because she was out of work for so long, she ended up losing her job and it made finances extremely tight for the family.

This story has inspired everyone in the Greenstar family, and all the employees have gotten involved. They are buying and wrapping Christmas presents for the family Colin Martodam, of Greenstar, is elated to be supporting such a great cause and the entire Greenstar team has rallied around this Families Helping Families effort.

Greenstar believes in making lives better for the people throughout the communities they serve and this holiday involvement with Families Helping Families is just one more way they continue to make a positive impact.

To help make a positive impact this holiday season bring one or more items from the list below to our office located in Orange.

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