Orange County California’s Greenstar Home Services ‘Green It Up™’ shares details around their most recent company growth, acquisition of Royal Flush Plumbing.

Greenstar Home Services is Orange County California’s leader in sustainable plumbing, HVAC maintenance, and whole home water filtration services. The organization is happy to continue providing excellent service to Orange County homeowners, along with their new clients from Royal Flush Plumbing.

Royal Flush Plumbing has been in business for 27 years. Greenstar Home Services will take over service for Royal Flush Plumbing’s clients after the passing of the previous owner.

Carol, the surviving wife of the late owner, comments “After much consideration, I decided it was in the best interest of the customers and employees to partner with the leading service company in home comfort [Greenstar Home Services].”

Carol concludes “working with Greenstar turned out to be an easy choice, because our philosophies of serving the customer first are exactly the same.”

Jeremy Prevost, Greenstar Home Services CEO shares that all Royal Flush Plumbing clientele now working with Greenstar will receive a complimentary subscription to Greenstar’s “Green Club”.

The “Green Club” from Greenstar Home Services includes comped estimates on all eco-friendly products, preferred treatment, discounted evaluation and labor fees, an exclusive service hotline, as well as an annual plumbing, water quality, heating and cooling check.

“We look forward to providing our new customer base with the same excellence they received with Royal Flush Plumbing,” comments Colin Martodam, Greenstar COO.

“Royal Flush Plumbing embodied the same core values as Greenstar; putting the customer first and always striving for complete customer satisfaction,” finishes Martodam.