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Greenstar Home Services Receives a Big “Thank You” from Local Las Vegas Rescue

The “Greenstar Cares” Program is an initiative which strives to provide opportunities to improve the Las Vegas Nevada and Orange County California communities. Though financial contributions, in-kind donations and various volunteer efforts, Greenstar Home Services aims to enhance education, environmental sustainability, advocacy for adults, children as well as animals, plus overall health and wellness.

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Greenstar Home Services Reminds California and Nevada Homeowners of New A/C Standards

Earlier this spring, Greenstar Home Services released an announcement educating homeowners about the United States Department of Energy’s raised standards for central AC systems, and warned about a potential cost increase for new units. Effective January 1st, 2015, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER Rating) has been raised in an effort to increase energy conservation.

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Greenstar Home Services Customer Testimonial

June Lange of Laguna Niguel, CA provides an excellent customer testimonial for Greenstar Home Services on her recent heating and air conditioner repair work.

“Hi I’m June Lange of Laguna Niguel, and I’m quite happy today to say a few words about Greenstar and their technician JP, who was at my mom’s home in Laguna Niguel. He was just so thorough and did such an amazing job with talking about what he was doing with the checkup of the system, and I was just so impressed that after his visit I had to call the company just to say how much we really appreciated what he had to do.

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Greenstar Home Services Supports Pet Match Rescue

Greenstar Home Services show their support for Pet Match Rescue!

“My name is Jack Yarbrough, I’m general manager with Greenstar Home Services. Today we’re helping support an event with Pet Match Rescue to help find homes for dogs in need. We donate one dollar of every invoice that’s generated directly to Pet Match Rescue, so any time we are in your home or servicing your home, anywhere from 1500 to 2000 clients a month. A dollar from that invoice is put directly to them to help support pets in need.

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