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Greenstar Cares Focuses Its Charitable Efforts on Local “No Kill” Animal Shelters

Orange County, CA—Greenstar Home Services, the front-runner in home water filtration, and environmentally conscious plumbing, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance, believes the best way to give back to their customers is by supporting local charities in the area it services. Greenstar Home Services believes in working toward a stronger community; therefore, Greenstar Cares was launched in order to make a difference in the lives of those in the community.

Since the beginning of 2014, Greenstar Cares has focused its charitable efforts on local “No Kill” animal shelters, such as Pet Match Rescue. Pet Match Rescue is a non-profit organization in the Orange County area that devotes its time to caring for at-risk, homeless dogs and puppies. They provide a safe space, as well as food, grooming and medical needs until they find a permanent home. Pet Match Rescue honors its motto to place animals in loving hands. In addition, they post a “Pet of the Week” (to adopt) on their website.

Pet Match Rescue would not be able to provide the support it does without Greenstar Cares. Julie Milliken, Founder and President of Pet Match Rescue expresses her appreciation by stating,  “From necessary surgeries to medical equipment, Greenstar Cares is responsible for saving countless lives of animals.”

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Greenstar Home Services Debunks Common Myths To “Green It Up!”

Lake Forest, CA – Greenstar Home Services, a leader in environmentally conscious plumbing, HVAC maintenance, and whole home water filtration in Orange County and Las Vegas, is taking the opportunity to enlighten customers and potential customers alike by debunking some popular myths about air conditioners and leaking water. Utilizing this knowledge can help save you time and money.

Many people buy into the MYTH that having an oversized air conditioner will be able to cool your home better than a smaller one. However, the TRUTH is that while size does play a role in effectively cooling your home, having the right size is what matters. “Save yourself some money and save energy by installing a unit that fits your space. In addition, too large of a unit will not remove humidity effectively so your space will be damp and uncomfortable” says Jack Yarbrough, HVAC manager at Greenstar Home Services.

Another common MYTH many people tend to fall victim to is the idea that a small drip in a faucet doesn’t really matter. In TRUTH, a drip is much bigger than it looks. “In fact, those drips add up fast” Ken Elowe, Greenstar plumbing manager says. “Whether it’s a faucet or showerhead or running toilet, you can waste thousands of gallons of water a year…and that’s water that you’re paying for.” Calling your Greenstar plumber is your best bet.

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Oustanding Testimonial From Laguna Woods, CA Plumbing Job

At Greenstar Home Services, our commitment to TOTAL customer satisfaction is our main priority. Please take a moment to read the outstanding testimonial below we received this past week, and congrats to our excellent technician Billy Ross on a job well done!

Dear Ken,

I am writing this in appreciation of William “Billy” Ross a member of your plumbing crew who came to my home in Laguna Woods Village yesterday, April  11, 2014 to diagnose and repair a plumbing problem in my kitchen.

From the moment he first arrived, Billy put me at ease with his calm demeanor and professional assessment of a situation that had me rather stressed! That being a major water “flood” in my kitchen two days prior of which I had no understanding. As I am partially sighted, things like this loom large in my inability to tell exactly what was happening. Billy understood my problem and led me through all of his explanations carefully and clearly.

Billy got right to work.  He discovered the cause of the leak immediately, assured me it was not difficult to repair, and proceeded to explain exactly what had happened: a break in the air gap causing dishwater run off to flood water under the sink instead of traveling through the disposal system as it should have been doing. He also diagnosed the disposal unit as being rusted and pitted. He replaced the disposal and reconnected the air gap hose. It took him only minutes to complete the whole job.

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