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Greenstar Home Services Protects and Rewards the Seniors We Serve in California and Nevada

LAKE FOREST, CA — Greenstar Home Services, the leader in environmentally conscious plumbing, HVAC maintenance, and whole home water filtration in Orange County and Las Vegas, is going the distance to provide its full line of services to senior citizens. Greenstar has been providing top-notch home repair service for many years, and they know the right way to treat customers who may need careful attention and handling.

“Our primary concern is making sure our customers feel safe and secure when we work on their homes,” said Jack Yarbrough, General Manager. “It’s essential for our team to help the senior citizen population know they can depend on us whenever the need arises.”

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Adverse Effects of Chlorine on Health

Greenstar Home Services ‘Green It Up™’ Announces Initiative to Warn and Educate Orange County Homeowners of the Adverse Effects of Chlorine on Health and the Home’s Plumbing System.

In the second half of 2014 Greenstar Home Services is focused on educating homeowners in the Orange County, CA areas on the adverse effects of chlorine and chloramines on home plumbing systems and health.

In the second half of 2014 Greenstar Home Services pledges to focus on educating homeowners in the Orange County areas on the possible negative effects that chlorine and chloramines can have on homeowner health and the home’s plumbing systems.

According to the The U.S. General Accounting Office there are serious deficiencies in water treatment plants in 75 percent of the states. Additionally The Natural Resources Defense Council reports that more than 120 million people (about 50 percent of the U.S. population) may be receiving unsafe water.

Chlorine in the home’s plumbing system interacting with plastic, copper, rubber, and all water using appliances is one of the leading causes of home emergencies and plumbing system failures. Education on how to remove chlorine from the home’s plumbing system is an area Greenstar Home Services focuses on daily.

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