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Greenstar Provides Industry-Leading Customer Satisfaction

Greenstar Home Services, the leading provider of HVAC, central water filtration and home plumbing services in Orange County and Las Vegas has experienced record lows in customer concerns due to improved customer service program.

Greenstar heavily values customer feedback and has tailored its business model to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Greenstar consistently considers the customer when performing services. Greenstar technicians factor the cost to the customer of replacing home systems and always attempt to save existing systems before suggesting the purchase of a new one. Greenstar is one of the rare companies still left not attempting to make a quick buck off of the customer. This commitment to customer value is a large part of why business has been booming for the Orange County-based home services company and customer complaints have been at an all-time low.

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Tips for Home Preventative Maintenance

Greenstar Home Services, leading provider of HVAC, central water filtration and home plumbing in Orange County and Las Vegas, urges homeowners to consider regular home preventative maintenance.

Greenstar’s philosophy is built on providing customers with thorough preventative maintenance checks to save money in the long run. Unlike most home service providers, Greenstar Home Services does not try to upsell homeowners on new products. Greenstar heavily values the upkeep of existing home components.

Greenstar recognized the growing skepticism that homeowners are experiencing with high priced and low quality plumbing and air conditioning companies. With this in mind, Greenstar Home Services shares its tips for utilizing preventative maintenance to extend the life of home systems.

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