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HVAC Repair Service

Greenstar Home Services is the experienced company you need when it comes to any heating and air conditioning repairs in your home. Our commitment to customers is simple: We do it right, with high quality workmanship, licensed technicians, and an emphasis on excellent customer service, all for an honest price.

If and when your heating or cooling equipment requires repairs of any kind, Greenstar Home Services is proud of our prompt service and extensive knowledge of all different systems and manufacturers. With our excellent, conscientious and caring technicians—who are skilled in all facets of repair, no matter who installed which products previously—we will ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

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‘Green It Up™’ Greenstar Home Services Las Vegas Brings Huge Improvements

In 2013 Greenstar Home Services is focused on preventing floods and home emergencies before they become a challenge. All “Green Club” customers in 2013 to receive the most benefit by realizing the opportunity from 2012 recommended repairs.

Greenstar Home Services is proactive rather than reactive when it comes to the homes plumbing, water, and HVAC system. While specializing in preventative maintenance, Greenstar’s professionals focus on and educate customers on the effects of lack of maintenance on the homes plumbing, water filtration, and HVAC systems and what actions that can be taken to prevent future floods, emergencies, and costly breakdowns. “All of our clients really appreciate the extra time and care we take when reviewing and servicing their homes,” says Jon Catalano.

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